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By keithr, May 18 2019 05:46PM

What is it about my current career that isn’t working?

What does this new career offer that my current career doesn’t?

What does this new career ignite in my soul?

How does this new career align with my core values?

What are the long-term opportunities associated with this new career?

What skills or resources will I need to take advantage of these long-term opportunities?

Who do I know who is already in this career and can give me an honest “insider’s” perspective?

Will my friends and family support this new career endeavor?

How long will it take to make a comfortable living in this new career?

Do I have the financial resources to make this new career work?

What struggles can I predict in my transition to this new career?

What can I do now to minimize these potential struggles?

What specific experience do I hope to gain in this career move?

How will my previous experience help me in this new role?

Is this career move one step in a larger plan?

By keithr, Apr 27 2019 11:00AM

While some recruiters do not read cover letters, many more do. So here at Wessex Image Coach we strongly receommend that you write an individualised cover letter for every job application.


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