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Career Marketing

Wessex Image Coach provides businesses and individuals alike with a focused range of professional skills-based coaching services:

• Team direction

• Roles and responsibilities

• Required processes (planning, manage change etc.)

• Required relationships (inter-personal, inter-team)

• Engaging teams by using the organisational brand


Image Enhancement is offered for individuals facing the media or addressing conferences with a view to boosting inner confidence and self-assuredness.


Businesses can also draw upon Wessex Image Coach’s expertise spanning 15 years with a leading global company in the field of Enterprise Risk Management (see our Blog for more information).

• Corporate and personal branding and rebranding

• Effective use of social media in job searches

• Confidence boosting and stress management



• CV and cover letter writing

• Job interview techniques

• Salary negotiation

• Dealing with change



• High-impact CVs

• Effective use of social media

• Salary negotiation

Outplacement Services

Coaching for Senior Executives

Career Marketing and Coaching Tools

Team Effectiveness

The range of services also includes key business topics such as developing effective business and client relationships, creating vision and mission statements, developing compelling value propositions and managing change.