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Corporate Coaching

No matter how large or small your organisation, your corporate identity is ultimately reflected in how your employees present themselves to your clients and to the public. Managers often find it difficult to approach their staff on matters of appearance, but we need to remember - “First impressions are lasting impressions.”


Bespoke sessions are the order here, ranging from one-to-one coaching to group workshops. No two clients are the same, so there will be complete flexibility.

1) Your corporate style - your definition

2) How to create a positive first impression - the impact of image

3) Keeping the personal image consistent - what the image says about your company

4) Personal grooming - what is expected today

5) Colour and all it says

1) Brand consistency through correct representation by your sales team

2) Appropriate business wear, grooming and behaviour for staff who regularly engage with clients

3) Image enhancement for executives who may face the media - ability to convey inner confidence and self-assuredness

4) “Personal branding” for senior management

5) Enhanced corporate identity

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Benefits to you and your company


Despite platitudes to the contrary, you and your company are judged by the image you project. Your company’s image will be authentic and say about your company what YOU want it to, and this will fulfil the expectations of today’s marketplace and ultimately lead to attracting more business.

What’s in it for you?