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2019.04.24, 14:04

It has been great working with you, Keith. Thank you for all your hard work and being so brilliant. Really appreciate all the support you give ... I don’t know what we would do without you!

SH, Dorchester


2018.02.26, 22:41

Quite honestly, I can't think of anyone I'd rather have helping with my brand and image than Wessex Image Coach. Really impressed with the approach and experience brought to the table.

DT, Bridport


2017.10.12, 12:59

Thanks again [Keith] for your input.  I do think this is the most valuable part of the session.

SH, Dorchester  (refers to volunteering work at the NHS)


2017.07.08, 12:35

Thank you so much, I've landed a director role, all thanks to you guys giving me the tips and confidence for success. I'm very excited about the new role, thank you again

CS, Weymouth


2017.03.30, 15:50

[Keith] ... Thank you. We see you as an integral part of the [Diabetes Centre] education.

SH, Dorchester


2016.10.30, 21:20

Keith is a highly skilled leader with all the technical skill to complement. One of the most people oriented leaders I have worked with.

JF, Dallas TX USA


2016.10.27, 10:00

Dear Hilary and Keith, thank you so much for helping me with my search for more meaningful employment. As a result of your expertise I am starting work one day per week in November at our local forum. On completion of a probationary period, I can increase hours slowly and undertake a formal qualification.

PE, Dorchester


2016.6.25, 09:15

Thank you so much for seeing me, I am very grateful. I found the conversation thought provoking and insightful. Hearing you describe my recent journey in such a positive light has done a great deal to motivate me and I will continue to build on that over the coming weeks. I am sure I will benefit from your services.

AS, Weymouth


2015.11.8, 12:52

Keith, your expert guidance and support in implementing a risk management process and system has proved invaluable. The workshops you organised for all key staff helped us to identify and quantify our key risks but also highlighted a number of business opportunities, so we feel far more in control of our business. We now look forward to the next workshop.

JC, Dorset/Hampshire


2015..6.27, 21:09

Thanks for all your advice and support so far.  You gave me the tools and confidence to manage the leaving process better than I thought was possible.

ME, Dorset


2015.3.18 16:16

Dear Hilary, it was lovely to meet you. You inspire confidence and should I ever be looking for a new job I would certainly come and see you first!

CB, Dorchester


2014.10.12 12:39

Thanks so much for your advice and guidance on Tuesday and the comprehensive thoughts you have put together for me, both before and after the “challenge”. I appreciate your views on how important image and personal branding is to teaching. I certainly have taken on board your ideas, especially colour analysis. It’s all very well looking at magazines and blogs but sometimes you do need someone else to articulate why something intuitively seems right. You have got me to the stage where I wanted to get to on the journey.

Richard G, Bournemouth


2014.7.13 19:46

Dear Hilary,

I would like to inform you that your professional and friendly guidance in my search for a suitable outfit for my graduation day reaped huge rewards. Friends and relatives alike commented on how good I looked, so my self-esteem received a huge boost. Once again many sincere thanks,



2013.10.20 14:36

My first male customer

Today I was complimented by a waitress in a local restaurant when she said, "You are a very well dressed gentleman". Thank you, Hilary!


T 2013.7.4 10:02

I really do have more combinations in my wardrobe than I ever imagined – such an eye opener!


Happy Poundbury Lady 2013.7.4 10:01

I loved the shopping party at Goulds – a wonderful atmosphere, and I tried and bought out of my comfort zone! Who would have thought it?


hilary 2012.4.26 09:58

Gillian G, April 2012

I wish you could have been a fly on the wall on Sunday, J,,,, and myself were discussing clothes and she was trying out her wrap-around dress.  I think that speaks volumes for the great time we all had on the Saturday, so thank you again. Good luck



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